Kosta and Charlotte

Kosta & Charlotte’s Story The beginning … Kosta and I officially met as blind dates to his senior prom. We had known of one another but never met, since we were in separate grades. That night was a night to remember … and two weeks following we began dating. We spent every minute we could together that summer before he … Read More

Josh & Emily

1. Tell me your “love story!” You can include how you met, your first date, your proposal, memorable moments—anything that encapsulates your journey together! Our story started the summer of 2016 at Otsego Lake. Emily and Josh both spent the majority of their summer weekends up north – Emily on one side of the lake at her Grandma’s cabin and … Read More

Bridget and Mike

If you’re in search of a fun love story and wedding wisdom from one of the most joyful, laid-back couples, look no further! We were so fortunate to have Bridget and Mike hold their reception with us in early June 2019, and are excited to share their journey to the altar with you now. The Love Story How did you … Read More

Nicole & Jon

Nicole and Jon had a winter wedding with HORIZONS and not only was the wedding itself incredible, but the couple themselves … well, you’ll just have to keep reading to get a glimpse of their relationship, their big day and their advice to those embarking on a similar adventure. The Beginning Tell us your love story! “Jon proposed to me … Read More

Karlee & Thomas: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Karlee & Thomas: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work The Love Story Once Karlee and Thomas met, the rest was history and the wedding bells started ringing! “My mother and I went out to dinner and Thomas was the bartender on duty who took care of us. He courageously gave me his number on our way out and asked me to … Read More

Heather & Ryan: A Roaring Twenties Wedding

Heather & Ryan: A Roaring Twenties Wedding Themed weddings are especially exciting when they feel like a big, fancy party! We loved helping Heather and Ryan bring their Art Deco wedding to life—from her dress to the pearl and feather decorations, it truly felt like a scene out of the Great Gatsby. Of course, it’s more than just the theme … Read More

Mark & Megan: Love Across the Pond

If you like reading love stories, then get ready for this fun couple who were so destined to be together that not even an ocean could keep them from meeting! We had the pleasure of working with Mark and Megan to make their American-British combination wedding dreams come true. Now, we are excited to share their adventure with you! The … Read More

Amy & Ryan: Soaking Up Their Special Day

Amy & Ryan: Soaking Up Their Special Day  Today on the blog we feature Amy & Ryan! We love being able to chat with our former couples to share their love story and wedding memories—especially when they are as genuine as these two. The Back Story Amy and Ryan met while living in a small college town and the rest … Read More

Lauren & Andrew: Expecting the Unexpected

How did you two meet? What first attracted you to each other? Well… We met on an accidental blind date. I worked at Buffalo Wild Wings at the time, I ran into a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in years who happened to be on a first date. We talked for a bit and I left her to finish her date while … Read More

Megan & Nathan: High School Sweeties

High School Sweethearts Turned Husband and Wife High school sweethearts Megan and Nathan have been adoring each other for nearly a decade. From the first year to now, time hasn’t changed who they are with each other. They described being with each other for so long as a fun adventure. They say their relationship still feels like dating, where they … Read More