Lauren & Andrew: Expecting the Unexpected

How did you two meet? What first attracted you to each other?

Photo by: Trish Hadley Photography

Well… We met on an accidental blind date. I worked at Buffalo Wild Wings at the time, I ran into a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in years who happened to be on a first date. We talked for a bit and I left her to finish her date while I finished my shift. I swung by their table to say goodbye and they insisted I sat and stayed. I was super hesitant as they were, of course, still on their date and I’d been weirdly asked to be a third wheel! Little did I know, my friend’s date had a coworker that was headed to the restaurant for a birthday party and said yes to coming in and saying hi. Well, in walks handsome Andrew and the rest is history! He never did make it to that birthday party, we hung out the rest of the night and have never separated since.

I was first drawn to him by his amazing smile, he was drawn to my positive energy despite being fresh off a shift.

What’s something you love to do in Midland as a couple?

Beer tasting. This activity is not limited to Midland, but Andrew and I have a passion for supporting Midland craft beer. We love places like Whichcraft and Midland Brewing Company where we can spread our wings and experience new things! We even had plans to do a Midland brewery tour this summer… until I got pregnant!

It’s a small town, so we don’t have the stress of big city traffic or crime. Midland is lucky enough to have a good offering of culture, despite being smaller so there isn’t usually a shortage of things to do. We dislike the lack of good restaurants. Much like our preference for craft beer, we like non-chain restaurants. We find ourselves heading to the Bay City area if we want something delicious!

What’s something you feel is the key to a successful marriage?

Communication. Communication. Communication. A marriage cannot survive if the couple cannot talk to each other. Andrew and I found we are good communicators throughout our relationship. Another key is the compromise – something that takes constant work.

What’s something you love about your families? Anything you feel is unique?

Andrew’s family is unfailingly kind. I loved them immediately and was drawn to their energy as a family. Something unique, both mothers-in-law are named Barb. We also have an Aunt Barb that will be in attendance and a family friend named Barb as well. It’s raining Barbs!

How would your style as a couple differ from others?

Photo by: Trish Hadley Photography

Something we have been from the start is a team. Andrew and I work well with each other in every project we tackle. I think due to excellent communication, we have really been able to hone our skills by working together. I, as the bride, am the driver of our projects. Andrew calls me his NAGivator (affectionately, of course) and he is the driver. I tell him what we are doing and he doesn’t fight it.

Any special atmosphere you want to bring out in your wedding?

Andrew and I are a family-driven couple. We want our wedding day to seep with love and affection. We want to be able to experience the day feeling almost like we are just “hanging out” with the people we love and enjoy the relationships we have with them.

How would you describe the style you are using for your wedding?

We are a romantic couple that loves a good mix of modern twists. Our wedding will be a good blend of glam and tradition.

How has your experience with HORIZONS been so far?

Amazing. At every turn, we are delighted with the service and product options we are presented with. Unfailing professionalism and high quality have us tickled.

What made you decide to work with HORIZONS?

Two things were a factor in choosing HORIZONS for our venue. (1) We love how many services are provided directly through the facility. The fewer vendors I had to juggle, the more complete my vision could be. (2) Andrea. She impressed us so much during our initial venue tour. We were drawn to the center, knowing just from that first meeting that Andrea would give us our dream wedding, no doubts. Throughout this entire process, Andrea has interpreted my vision into a perfect day!

What’s been the most stressful part about wedding planning? Any advice you’d give to couples just starting the planning journey?

Well, our case was a little different. I found out 9 months before the wedding that I was pregnant – EEK! I gave birth August 20th and our wedding is September 15th.

To say that timeline was a little worrisome is an understatement. My advice to any couple: it’s never too early to start planning. Thankfully, we had met Andrea more than a year in advance and had good plans in place ahead of time so that when we got the news, we didn’t worry much. Andrea had our backs. The worst part was having to buy a new dress with only weeks to go until the big day, and a fresh postpartum body to adjust to.

What aspect of your wedding are you most excited to see?

I am so pumped to see how the reception space comes together. We have excellent plans for the centerpieces and I can’t wait to see it all together in the space! I am also very excited to see guest reactions. We worked hard, darn it! I can’t wait to see what other people think of our dream wedding.

Engagement Photographer: Trish Hadley Photography

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Lauren and Andrew’s Reception:

Each table displayed a medley of white vintage lanterns with scattered lavender rose petals and vintage vases filled with lavender roses, plum stock, and beautiful greenery.

The cake table was covered in a sparkling sequined plum linen. Alongside the cake table was a sweet display of cupcakes for guests to enjoy.

Wedding Photos by: Briana Autran Photography