Megan & Nathan: High School Sweeties

High School Sweethearts Turned Husband and Wife

High school sweethearts Megan and Nathan have been adoring each other for nearly a decade. From the first year to now, time hasn’t changed who they are with each other. They described being with each other for so long as a fun adventure. They say their relationship still feels like dating, where they are cute and competitive with one another. That says a lot.

How would you describe yourselves as a couple?

We are two people who are creating a life together and making the best versions of ourselves because of each other. Something that we love doing together is anything involving sports. We are either playing softball, golf, hockey or we are going on a date to a sporting event. When we play sports together, it brings out our competitive side and it always keeps our relationship fun.

Who says you truly grow up as you grow older? Relationships flourish when it’s fun. Seeing the longstanding couple act as youthful as when they first started is a true image of blissful living.

What is it like dating a person for so long?

We have been dating for over nine years. We started this whole dating thing in high school. Being with someone for this amount of time is a lot of fun. We get to know each other like the back of our hand. Sometimes we even know the other better than ourselves.

Nathan – What made you decide it was time to propose?

It was seven years after we first started dating that I popped the question. I wanted the moment to be right and that is why I waited so long. It was not spontaneous at all. I have never been able to keep a secret from Megan and that made this task very difficult for me. I had to enlist help from Megan’s sister to make the night exactly as I envisioned. It did not go exactly as planned, but her sister and I were able to make it work. I proposed to Megan at the International Dark Sky Park in Mackinaw City. There were a couple of candles and our song playing as I got down on one knee under the stars.

Michigan’s International Dark Sky Park where Nathan chose to propose.


Megan – Were you anticipating the proposal?

I knew Nate had bought a ring a few months before he actually proposed because he can never keep a secret about anything he buys me, however the day Nate proposed was a total surprise. I remember walking up to the place he had set up thinking how cute the candles and everything looked, and some guy is really trying to impress his lady. When I looked a little closer I saw my sister sitting there, and then it all clicked that Nate set this up and he was impressing ME!

It’s so adorable that Nathan can’t keep secrets. His patience to create the perfect moment is so sweet and shows how much of a romantic he is for his high school sweetheart.

Any goals for the future?

We would love to travel the world and see everything and anything we can. Megan is finishing physical therapy school in May and will be starting her career. Once we take a few trips, we will then think about children, but they will hopefully be in our future.

With their love of sports and adventure, it’s not surprising that traveling the world is in this couple’s dreams. With their ambitious personalities, it will be no surprise when they turn this into reality.

What do you think changes or stays the same when married?

For us, when we get married we will live together. This will be a major change for us because most of our college years were spent only together on weekends due to a long-distance relationship. We will now have a permanent workout partner and someone to come home to every day. Our communication will be what stays the same. We have such a strong relationship because of our communication (like Nate’s inability to lie – which is not a bad thing) and this will not change after we get hitched.

Many people ask couples who have been married for decades how it works. Nearly everyone answered communication. There’s no doubt that Megan and Nathan have loved each other this long because of that strong communication between them.

How has your experience with HORIZONS been so far?

Our experience with HORIZONS has been wonderful. We could not ask for a better wedding planner, Andrea. She has helped us from day one and continues to answer all of our little questions. This is our first time planning such a large event and Andrea has helped so much with her tips and knowledge. We are very pleased we chose to have our wedding at the Temple Theatre.

Our wedding professionals have so many great years of experience and are here to make your wedding your dream! No stress – just enjoy the day and the memories made.

What made you want to use HORIZONS and the Temple Theatre for your wedding?

We picked the Temple Theatre for our wedding because of its beauty. When we walked into the ballroom on our tour day, Nate and I looked at each other and we knew this was the place. We love all the little details that go into the room and HORIZONS makes you feel like a king and queen.

Treated like royalty for a royally designed wedding – HORIZONS believes in the finest service for our clients. HORIZONS practices the Art of Hospitality, the result being beautiful memories that last a lifetime! Its no wonder why Megan and Nathan chose the Temple Theatre. Its history and classic beauty is a jewel to Saginaw and the Great Bay Region.

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