Advice from a Wedding Photographer: Part 2

Who knows more about weddings than the people who journey through the couple’s entire day with them? After attending hundreds of weddings, these five photographers have seen what works well and what does not.

In Advice from a Wedding Photographer: Part 1, we reached out to local photographers who have shot at HORIZONS for advice on selecting the right person to capture your day. We are pleased to share more of their insights about the wedding planning process and the wedding day with you!

1. Set a schedule

Booking a photographer should be one of the first steps in the planning process. Once a photographer has been booked, setting a timeline is next (Amber Henry Photography).

Photo by: Brian and Stacey Photography and Cinema

“Your photographer should be able to lay out a general timeline of needs based on your venue locations, shot needs, and group sizes. Knowing early on how much time is needed for photography helps you properly plan out other details such as hair/makeup appointments and ceremony start time…” –Ryan Collier, Collier Studios

Photographers often act as troubleshooters as they are with you all day; therefore, building the schedule with them is essential.

“We love to help build timelines and find solutions to any little hiccups that happen along the way! Chances are, we have seen an issue before and know a way around it!” –Brian and Stacey Photography and Cinema

2. Delegate tasks

How many people have asked how they can help with the wedding? More often than not, you probably tell them you’ve got everything under control. Here’s what our photographers recommend:

Photo by: Heather Kanillopoolos Photography

“When people genuinely offer to help, add them to “helpers” list! You have a LOT going on when you’re planning a wedding. Don’t let the little things pile up to a huge burden. Let the people who love you help!” – Heather Kanillopoolos Photography

Picking up coffee, running to the store, taking your phone to answer guests’ last-minute questions—these are all tasks for that “helper” list (Heather Kanillopoolos Photography; Matt and Ashley Photography)!

3. Create a phone number list

Sometimes the most ingenious ideas are the simplest ones.

Photo by: Brian and Stacey Photography and Cinema

“Give your vendors important phone numbers for the day –other vendors, coordinators, family members, and bridal party. Brides and grooms don’t usually have their phones on them, so give vendors a way to reach someone about an emergency.” –Brian and Stacey Photography and Cinema

4. Plan on something going wrong

Go into the day expecting some mishaps. Most likely, no one will even remember the mishaps, but you will surely remember feeling anxious on your wedding day (Heather Kanillopoolos Photography).

Photo by: Collier Studios

“Probably not advice you would expect, but know there are a lot of moving parts on the wedding day and no matter how much time you have in planning and prep, there is bound to be a hiccup somewhere, even if it is a small one. Besides, if you’ve chosen the right photographer, they will be experienced enough to help you through those hiccups (inclement weather, schedule changes, missing groomsmen) and still keep you on track…” –Ryan Collier, Collier Studios

5. Eat!

Most couples will tell you that the wedding day was such a whirlwind that they didn’t even have the chance to taste their own wedding food.

Photo by: Matt and Ashley Photography

“Make time to eat… and actually do so. Even if it’s just a protein drink.” –Heather Kanillopoolos Photography

No one wants to be “hangry” on their wedding day!

6. Soak it up

Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy every minute of this time in your life. The photographers say it best:

“Your wedding is about the two of you getting married, so don’t lose sight of the real goal in the planning process.”—Matt and Ashley Photography

Photo by: Amber Henry Photography

“You are surrounded by the faces of the people you love dearest in this world. Soak it in. Hug every single person who came. Drink in moderation so that you can have a clear head. Really look at your spouse, breathe in their perfume and run your fingers over their face. Let those memories sink so deep that you will recall them perfectly in the many years to come.” –Amber Henry Photography

“The best part is being married in the end.”—Brian and Stacey Photography and Cinema

Photo by: Matt and Ashley Photography

Thank you to these five photographers for sharing their perspectives with HORIZONS! Make sure to check out their amazing work and read Advice from a Photographer: Part 1 to see what they have to say about selecting a photographer.

All photos were taken at HORIZONS and the Temple Theater