Advice from a Wedding Photographer: Part 1

Engaged and beginning your search for a photographer? You’ve come to the right place! We asked five seasoned photographers who have covered weddings at HORIZONS to share their unique perspectives.

1. Choose your style 

All of the photographers agreed that this is the first step.

Photo & Featured Photo by: Brian and Stacey Photography and Cinema

“Some couples love really dramatically lit, editorial photos. Some are drawn to naturally lit photos. Both are gorgeous, but very different. Some photographers use very traditional posing, some do very intricate posing and some don’t do much posing at all! Once you decide what type of photos fit you, then you can narrow down the list.” – Brian and Stacey Photography and Cinema

“There is a match out there for everyone. To find it, it is essential to look at the photographers’ brightness, colors, tone, lighting, and mood.” – Heather Kanillopoolos Photography

2. Look at full wedding galleries

Most photographers’ websites feature their jaw-dropping shots of couples on the front page. But look deeper into their complete wedding galleries to see how they capture the entirety of the day. You will want to remember the details … the joy in getting ready with your bridesmaids, a touching moment with your mom, the laughter from your guests on the dance floor …

Photo by: Amber Henry Photography

“Ask to see photos from all different times of the day … morning at the church and receptions in dark halls. Rainy days and sunny ones … Can you look at their photos and imagine the relationship of that couple?” – Amber Henry Photography

“Complete galleries verify your potential photographer’s skill. From this, you can ensure consistency so that you know what to expect. Moreover, use these galleries to find venues similar to yours and see what the photographer can make of it!” – Heather Kanillopoolos Photography

3. Take your time deciding

This is something that every photographer we consulted elaborated on.

“Pictures will be all that remains from your wedding day, so it is worthwhile to carefully choose someone you love to take them.” – Amber Henry Photography

Photo by: Collier Studios

“I feel it’s very common for couples to make their vendor decisions based on price and a few images alone. Other than time, there is no cost to make some calls, or sit down for coffee with a few photographers and learn more about their offerings, personality and approach to your day.” – Ryan Collier, Collier Studios Photography

“More than just selecting a photographer for their work, it is important to choose a personality you mesh with. They are joining you on your big day – you want to be comfortable with them.” – Brian and Stacey Photography and Cinema

Take the time in the planning process to find one you bond with and trust (Matt and Ashley Photography; Collier Studios). This goes hand-in-hand with understanding their approach. Ask questions, read reviews, and schedule meetings.

“Are they the type to hang back and let the day unfold as it will? Or maybe they’ll give you direction while shooting so that you don’t have to self-pose? Knowing how to expect your photographer to treat the day is so important in finding the right match.”  – Heather Kanillopoolos Photography

4. Ditch the Pinterest boards

Pinterest is a wedding must for color palette and décor inspiration, but our photographers suggest steering clear of it for photography inspiration.

“Photographers strive to create special images for you in their own style, not copying someone else’s.” – Heather Kanillopoolos Photography

Photo by:© Matt and Ashley Photography

“Let your photographer document and capture the authentic parts of your day.” – Matt and Ashley Photography

5. Take care of your photographers

Aside from the selection process, we were given advice on how to interact with your photographers — something that is often unintentionally forgotten.

“First, communication is key; set a timeline and communicate any changes as early as possible. If you took engagement photos with them, talk about which poses/photos you liked. Second, build in time for the photographer to sit down and eat — treat them as a guest in this manner. Third, just have fun! “Our job is delightful when the couple is just having the best time hanging with the people they love.” – Heather Kanillopoolos Photography


Photo by: Heather Kanillopoolos Photography

Check out these five photographers and their awesome work! They were also kind enough to share even more wedding insights with us than just selecting a photographer. Look for our next blog post that will feature wise words from photographers for the wedding planning process and wedding day.

All photos were taken at HORIZONS and the Temple Theatre