All Things Bridal Beauty with Glam Squad MI

When you walk down the aisle on your wedding day, you (of course) want to look and feel beautiful. Part of this comes with finding the perfect dress (for tips, check out A Part of the Magic: Talking to a Bridal Boutique Owner). But now, we’ve enlisted some beauty experts to help bring you a guide to bridal hair, makeup, and more!

Get to Know Glam Squad MI

Glam Squad is an elite team of artists who each provide their amazing, up-to-date services across several salons in the tri-city area. Individually, all of these women have a passion for beauty, but through Glam Squad, they are able to come together on events and weddings to really showcase their work. They are stronger as a team.

While Glam Squad provides their services for multiple types of events, they specialize in bridal beauty, traveling on-site to weddings to help the bride feel her best and enjoy every moment the day has to offer. For weddings, anywhere from one to five stylists can be hired for hair styling, airbrush makeup, and even henna tattooing. This is one of the greatest benefits of Glam Squad; with more stylists, brides can spend less time getting ready and more time soaking up the day. They strive to not only offer quality services, but an “easy and comforting experience.”

“We not only provide exceptional service and the latest trends – we also offer you an “easy like Sunday morning” type of opportunity for your special day. You know how the guys have it so easy and get to sleep in and enjoy the morning? Well… you can have it like that too.”

Wedding Beauty Timeline

Glam Squad MI recommends booking hair and makeup at least six months to a year before your wedding. With this comes the essential hair and makeup trial which are typically done 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Come to your trial with photos of what you like and don’t like to help the stylist—hello Pinterest! It is important to voice your opinion and express if you don’t like something. While it can feel awkward, stylists (though they may seem magic) are not mind-readers and Glam Squad ensured us that making the bride happy is their top priority.

“Trials are the time to try a couple different things. It is important to remember that a trial is a ‘rough draft’ and the ‘final copy’ will be given on the big day.”

Glam Squad’s Best Advice

As mentioned before, Glam Squad’s mission is to make the wedding day truly enjoyable for the bride. After experiencing many weddings, the stylists share that most brides wish they could slow down their big day; they don’t realize how fast it flies by until it’s actually happening. To help with this, Glam Squad recommends brides only spend 2-5 hours getting ready and to hire more than one artist to be on-site. They really believe that the “easy like Sunday morning” philosophy should be applied to your wedding day. Assign day-of tasks to someone else, sleep in-a little or relax, and enjoy the time with your family and friends. Glam Squad wants brides to remember to slow down every moment.

Bridal Dos and Don’ts

Finally, we will leave you with a quick list of dos and don’ts from the experts that you may not have thought about before:

  • have a hair & makeup trial
  • get a mani/pedi 1-3 days before the wedding
  • have a skin treatment 1-3 weeks before the wedding
  • apply a hair treatment 1 week before the wedding
  • show up with wet hair the morning of the wedding (unless asked to)
  • apply any makeup or moisturizer prior to getting your makeup professionally done

Thank you, Glam Squad MI, for talking to us about bridal beauty! Make sure to check them out at:

Photos by: DanaG Photography