Beyond the Wedding: Bridal Advice from OMONI Boutique Owner


Jessica Hill, OMONI Boutique Owner

When you really dive into the wedding planning process, you realize there are so many details beyond just the wedding day itself! We came up with three areas that can get lost somewhere between caterers and centerpieces and reached out to Jessica Hill, the owner of OMONI Boutique located in Bay City and Saginaw for some advice. So, look out future brides — Jessica shares her expertise on outfits, gifts, honeymoons and more!

I Don’t Know What to Wear!

Brides devote so much time to their wedding dress (for good reason!) and there are countless guides to picking the “perfect dress.” But when it comes time for engagement photos, showers, or rehearsal dinners, it can become overwhelming—that’s a lot of outfits! We asked Jessica if she has had any experience styling brides for all the events leading up to the big day:

“I have had many soon-to-be beautiful brides come into our boutiques looking for that special outfit for either their bridal shower, engagement dinner or honeymoon look. Each bride is different so our advice usually varies. The most important part is listening to how they want to feel and making them feel as confident as possible. The best way to do this is to always find a piece that fits well… because an outfit/dress/jumpsuit that fits well and flatters the body will in turn make the bride feel so much more gorgeous than they already are! The best universal advice we can give is to remind them that it is a special moment in their lives, and they deserve to look and feel beautiful!”

Bridal Party Gifts…What are Those?

Though not necessary, it is common for the bride and groom to give gifts to their bridesmaids and groomsmen at either the rehearsal dinner or the morning of the wedding. Often times these are items they wear the day of the wedding like earrings or ties, but if you’ve done some Pinterest scrolling, you’ll see these gifts are getting more and more creative! We know that OMONI Boutique has such a fun selection of accessories, so we asked Jessica for her ideas:

“We have a great selection of fun gifts, all under $50! Water Now, Wine Later Water Bottles (cough, they carry a full bottle of wine as well!) is a fun sassy gift for bridesmaids as well as our “badassbabesclub” coffee mug at $25! We can also work with brides to create a personalized gift package and do group discount pricing if ordering 4 or more! We just need 3-4 week time frame and can work together to make your gifts to the special people sharing your day truly unique and personable!”

How do I Pack for my Honeymoon?

When it comes to packing, I always start out with the best intentions to pack light, but somehow end up bringing way more than I need. I think it’s safe to say we all could use some advice in this area, especially when it comes to a big event like your honeymoon!

“We often run into this, especially myself personally! Being honest with yourself and realizing that on vacation if you are on the beach or at a place with a pool, or if you are traveling with family (children)… what are you truly wearing each day? Are you really going to get dressed up each night? Being honest and realistic is the best way to pack.”

Assuming your honeymoon is a week, Jessica recommends:

  • 3-4 everyday, comfortable, outfits that can all be worn with your favorite pair of flats or sandals
  • A few of your favorite swimsuits and a cover-up
  • 2-3 evening outfits

We really fall victim to over-packing when it comes to nice outfits. To be even more efficient, she advises to pack everyday outfits that are versatile enough to be evening wear as well such as a jumpsuit or a casual dress—just add a pair of heels and some jewelry to take you from “day to night.”

Thank you, Jessica, for answering some of these infrequent but important questions! If you are looking for outfits for your shower or some bridal gift ideas, check out OMONI Boutique, who is passionate about serving their local residents:

 “Just because we don’t live in a “big city” doesn’t mean we can’t dress up like we do! Have fun with your style and we are here to offer you what you cannot find elsewhere!


Written by: Sarah Cline