Cake Chats: Advice from a Bakery Manager

We reached out to AnaCapri Skrocki, (now former) manager of Saginaw’s Patisserie, a premier bakery in the Great Lakes Bay Region, for some insight into the world of wedding cakes! At the time of this interview, AnaCapri was the customer service manager and wedding coordinator at Patisserie. She shared some valuable information not only about cakes, but about the whole wedding process as a recent bride at HORIZONS herself. Warning: You may need to treat yourself to a slice of cake after reading!

Cake Timeline

When it comes to the wedding planning process, couples want to know how far out they need to book their vendors. AnaCapri filled us in on her recommended cake timeline:

“Around 6 months prior to the wedding is a good time to book your wedding cake. However, you want to make sure you have made all of the other major decisions such as venue, dress, flowers and food before you start planning your desserts. That way your cake and other desserts will be the perfect complement to your day.”

Cake Selection

AnaCapri discussed how the cake and any other desserts you decide to serve are a big part of the wedding day, so it is worthwhile to invest in the selection process. Guests tend to remember the cake, as it is one of the traditional symbols of a wedding. The cake display is one of the first things guests see and it is one of their last memories since it is typically served toward the end of the event.

“Take the proper time to plan what you want; make sure to choose a flavor you like, a topper that highlights your wedding and relationship — and don’t forget to eat a piece of cake! (Ask your wedding coordinator to set a few pieces aside for the newlyweds to have as a midnight snack!)”

We definitely agree with AnaCapri’s bonus tip—it’d be a shame not to taste your own cake!

Former Bride to Future Bride

Aside from cake advice, AnaCapri shared her other wedding wisdom with us. The foremost thing she advises other brides do is make a schedule and a budget. She suggests using a wedding guide or planner to help with this process.

 “You instantly get wrapped up in the wedding excitement as soon as a ring is on your finger. And in your excitement, you may make hasty decisions that can add up fast. Take the time to sit down with your fiancé, and then with anyone else, parents, etc. who are contributing monetarily to the wedding. Set a budget that everyone is comfortable with.”

Second, she wants all future couples to remember to be present.

“Enjoy the day! It goes by so fast and you need to take a minute here and there throughout the day to just be with each other and take it all in. After all, it is your day!”

Looking Back …

Finally, AnaCapri reflected on her own wedding day—a beautiful winter wedding in one of our ballrooms! We asked her to share one thing she would do again:

“One of the things I am so happy I did was make an itinerary for the wedding weekend, starting with rehearsal dinner and ending with brunch the morning after the wedding. It simply stated who needed to be where, when, and what they needed to bring with them, and I gave it to everyone who was a part of the wedding. That way you don’t have people asking you a ton of questions while you are enjoying your wedding.”

We also asked one thing she wishes she did differently.

“One thing I wish I would have done is had someone record short clips of our wedding day such as our vows, speeches, and first dances, etc. Not necessarily professionally recorded but just a little something to remember the special moments.”

This is a great idea, even if it’s just to be able to look back on until you receive your professional photos and videos.

Thank you, AnaCapri, for chatting with us! Make sure to check out the Patisserie for your wedding dessert needs on Facebook. (They’ll be launching a brand-new website soon!)

Photos by: Crystal Jade

All photos were taken at HORIZONS

Written by: Sarah Cline