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Compliments to the entire staff at the HORIZONS Conference Center for providing us with a memorable event that will last a lifetime. I appreciate receiving a follow-up call within 24 hours, viewing the actual room to discuss the floor plan, and a bonus of receiving helpful suggestions (free of charge). I received many compliments from our board members and guests in reference to the room, food, and service.

William and Diane Donald, Young Champions Association

Steve and the serving staff were polite, courteous, eager to please and handled all our requests quickly and efficiently. I was very pleased with their performance and will definitely use HORIZONS again for any special family event. The servers wearing white gloves was a nice touch. It made an impression on everyone. Thank you so much!
Ernie Sbresny was incredibly helpful and very informative!
The server for the head table was outstanding! I believe her name was Sherri. The whole wedding party loved her! We got her to take selfies and dance with us after dinner was over. Super polite and prompt with serving the wedding party! There was one little mix up with timing for serving cheesecake, but the staff was super quick to fixing it and everything ran smoothly. Loved that the staff was able to make a hot box for our guest who had to temporarily step out for a health issue. Super friendly and accommodating!
Everything was wonderful! Kiron is so great to work with, she is knowledgeable, organized and kept us informed. Steve was awesome on site, so professional. Rick did great with the AV, the picture on the video looked great this year! Our event was amazing and we owe that to your team. They are all exceptional at what they do!