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Our custom meeting packages ensure that everything needed for your meeting’s success is included. You focus on what you need to accomplish. Let HORIZONS worry about everything else.

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HORIZONS is proud to work with area non-profits.


Miranda is always exceptional. We heavily relied on her experience to decide what and how much to order. Our banquet manager, Steve, was excellent. He knew we were worried about the food lasting through the night because we had no idea how many people to expect. He kept checking in with a thumbs up so we knew it was still ok.
I enjoyed working with Miranda and all the staff. It was a perfect baby shower and my daughter was very happy. I have received several positive comments about the food & service. Thank you!
Tell Petra that the roses and carnations were fresh and fragrant. The head table centerpieces were masterpieces. Everyone was excellent! Food and dessert was delicious as usual. Staff was very friendly to guests not stiff and standoff-ish.
Good service and good variety of food. Love the decorations!
Steve, Charlie, Paul, Ezell were great helping with the exhibitors and events during day. Karen Wager did great job with concessions. Miranda and Karen (receptionist) were very helpful in checking with us during event and were very prompt when we needed anything. The forklift driver, Steve, did good job with move in/out on Mon. & Tue.