Our Master Culinary Chefs prepare superb meals beyond the traditional fare. With catering by HORIZONS, you can trust that your dining experience will be exceptional.

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Your planning and attention to details resulted in a superb experience for our guests. Speaking with you and seeing the personal attention you gave to the menu planning gave us assurance that you could help us leave our guests with a good impression of our country, our company and our state. Thank you for doing such a tremendous job!

Moni Hancock & Rebecca Weaver, The Dow Chemical Company

Karen and Ezell did a great job.
Thank you Kiron, Rick, Karen, Steve! Kiron understood our event and patiently helped come up with the best possible arrangement to fill all our requests for vendor space, conference space and brunch area. It was wonderful.
Ernie Sbresny was great and helpful From start to finish and the head table server Perry was awesome and attentive.
Kiron, Kerri, and Karen(front desk) are amazing!! They are so helpful and made everything possible. I really appreciate all they did o make the experience perfect!