7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Our Wedding Showcase

HORIZONS Wedding Showcase

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Our Wedding Showcase


Are you recently engaged? Are you looking for a wedding venue? We are here for you! Join us at our Wedding Showcase on October 5th from 11:00AM-2:00PM. In case you need a few reasons why you should come and visit, keep reading! Make sure to register here.

1. We have special day-of incentives for attendees

This is something that we can’t say too much about, but we wanted to let you know that there will be special incentives for our attendees. We promise you, this is something you WON’T want to miss! We have some surprises up our sleeves.

2. FREE (admission, food, drinks)

This event is at NO cost to you. Most other wedding showcases have a fee. We took this to heart and decided to waive the fee. We want you to know how special you are to all of us here at HORIZONS. Not only is admission free, but there will be other free things. Free appetizers. Free drinks. Free donuts. Free pretzels. Free advice. Free, free, free!

3. Have some fun!

We LOVE weddings! Weddings bring family and friends together. This event is for YOU. Here is your opportunity to bring your friends and family to spend part of Saturday with us as we all enjoy everything wedding-related together! Make your wedding dreams a reality by booking with HORIZONS Conference Center.


4. Start your planning process

Wedding planning is stressful, especially if you do it all by yourself. It’s exciting, but it is also challenging. We want to take some of the stress away. To ease this stress, plan with us! We have wedding coordinators who would love to help you along the planning process. At our Wedding Showcase, you will have the opportunity to meet our team and start your planning process.

5. Meet our coordinators

Our coordinators can’t wait to meet you! Celebrating you is our passion, and we want to show you how much you mean to all of us here at HORIZONS.

6. We want to hear from YOU

Reach out at the Showcase and let us know what questions you have. Are you nervous? Confused about something? Excited to start planning? Do you have ideas about a themed wedding that is unique? Our coordinators will work with you to make all of your wedding dreams come true! Whether you have questions about the planning process or just need advice about where to start, we can answer any questions you might have.

7. Check out all we have to offer

Explore all that we have to offer. From our ballrooms to our decorations, we will have numerous options for you to enjoy and check out for yourself! If you were wondering what we can do for you…


  • Beautifully-accented ballrooms with tables & chairs
  • Professional event planning
  • Setting & cleaning of the ballroom
  • Traditional length linen, white linen napkins, china, silver & stemware
  • Wedding cake cutting & serving
  • Complimentary evening snack
  • Ample, free parking
  • Security
  • One-story facility with barrier-free ballrooms & restrooms
  • Complimentary menu tasting

Wedding Showcases are everywhere, but ours is special because it is at HORIZONS. We invite you and your guests to discover why HORIZONS is the Premier Wedding Venue in the Great Lakes Bay Region! We’ll see you there! Don’t forget to register here!


Written by Allie Roggenbuck

~All photos were taken at HORIZONS~

Photos by: Brian and Stacey Photography and Cinema